Day out: Olympics Tennis, Wimbledon, London

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There’s sport in the air in London: crazy golf yesterday, and tennis today.

Getting the tickets was a nerve-wracking experience. It’s not often you put yourself down for £1,000 worth of tickets to anything, not knowing if you’ll end up severely over your overdraft limit or with absolutely nothing. Luckily for us it was neither, and we came away with 8 tickets to the tennis. 

We got to see two of the world’s biggest tennis stars. Andy Murray in the Men’s Single quarter-finals, Serena Williams in the Women’s Single semi-finals, and Murray again for the Mixed Doubles heats which he played with Laura Robson against a Czech team. Such an excellent day out, tennis is so fun to watch live and the atmosphere was incredible. When it’s on TV, I barely give tennis the time of day, but here we found ourselves getting properly into it – there was fist pumping and everything! Weather was fab so we also had a picnic and a laze in the sun on Henman Hill (or Murray Mound, as people are now calling it). 

Back with some actual food at the weekend!