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Chard pie – made with homegrown chard

Finally! I’ve been waiting all summer to cook something proper with the stuff I’ve been growing in our back garden. Using the term ‘garden’ loosely of course – it’s really just a big paved terrace. 

We might have been despairing at the weather over the last couple of the weeks, but it hasn’t been all bad for some of our plants – the ones that are accustomed to British weather have relished the mix of rainfall and ‘sunny spells’. The chard and kale in particular have been growing like crazy over the past fortnight. 

Today I snapped off the biggest leaves of the chard, which will give the smaller shoots space and energy to grow, as well as some kale leaves and a big handful of marjoram –just because we have masses of it growing and I don’t know what else to do with it! 

I used these ingredients to make chard pie, which is becoming something of a comfort food dish because it’s soft and fluffy and warm, and slightly cheesy. I also used half a bag of spinach, just to bulk things out a bit. As usual, we had it with roasted beetroot, except this time I accidentally added too much balsamic vinegar, which turned out to be one of those good kinds of mistake. It made the beetroot a bit sweeter, oddly enough, as well as adding a very light tang. 

So now I can show you the ‘before’ and ‘after’ pics above, and feel ever so slightly smug. Don’t worry though, my smugness has already been punished with indigestion. 

Good news!… We’ve finally got a parking permit for our car, which means we don’t have to drive it to and from Rotherhithe every weekend. It’s now here to stay! 

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